Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hello out there....

Is anyone here in OWOA land with me today? I feel so lonely. Anyone? If you are, what are your plans for the weekend? Are you pumping yourself up to make wise food choices? Are you planning on exercising?
I must admit, since the 25th of Sept. I've missed 2 days on the treadmill and 1 of the days I "made up for" by exercising 2x the following day. This is hugely in part because of Brandi's challenges over at her blog. Any hoots, I don't plan on taking the weekend off either. I do wish the scale would show the difference. I've had too many carbs this week. Not in a gluttonous fashion (with exception to the cookies one day and too many biscuits yesterday) just too many. My body is weird like that. I have to be cautious of how many starches I eat. I've also been on guard because I've had some serious desire for the starches. This would mean that it's time to scale WAY back on them. Big stuff this week though. I threw away all of the white flour, brown sugar and sugar substitute a couple days ago. I made the biscuits with stone ground wheat flour.

Well, I'm rambling. Too much coffee I suppose.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Debbie said...

Hey, Tami! I'm here, but only for a bit longer.

Good for you for throwing out all the evil things that make you stumble! I know that can be hard to do.

On Thursday a conference started at the church here entitled "Touching the Father's Heart." It's mainly teachings about the father heart of God, but there's awesome prayer and ministry times as well. So I was on a great big spiritual high when I went into work last night. Then I was abruptly brought back down to earth by having to step between two different guys on two different occassions to keep them from fighting. Then one of the guys threatened to kill the other for disrespecting me. And to top it all off some new guy made sexual advances towards me that made me immediately get up and lock myself in the office to get away from the EWW. We ended up calling the police to get him out because he didn't want to sign the ground rules (which is a condition for staying) b/c he said he didn't understand them, even though they were explained numerous times by 2 diff MALE staff members. Don't worry, I had my colleague drive me home so I wouldn't be out walking alone. That was after stopping at the shop for a couple of drinks, of course.

So, that was Friday. Lord only knows what Sat and Sun will bring . . .

Debs said...

Hi Tami, I'm here!
Today I've having breakfast at home, but lunch out in Cambridge for Bekki's birthday and then dinner out this evening for another friend's birthday. So I hope I can stick to my diet(ish!)
I kinda lost the plot with it yesterday. But today is a new day.

Elly said...

Hi back from a lovely time in Cambridge with Bekki. We had a great lunch in a fairly classy restaurant - Bekki's choice. Food was good and Debs didn't cheat. I am proud of her. We walked around the shops a little and just enjoyed the scenery. Weather is really lovely with beautiful sunshine to really show off the colours as the trees start to lose their leaves. This evening just reading the papers and hanging out with my husband. Tomorrow is church ad I am helping with the creche. Hope to get in another walk too if the weather is like this - its too good to miss. back on the treadmill when the weather gets bad.