Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Debs' Challenge Goals

By December 31, 2008 I will: (give specific/realistic goals)
1. Weigh in at 200lb or less (currently at around 215)
2. Be exercising at least 3 times a week (hopefully more)
3. Tackle my confort eating - I realise that this is a biggie, but try to think about why I'm eating and do something more productive instead. I think this will involve some journaling too (sorry, this isn't a very specific goal!)

Reasons I MUST change:
1. To improve my health.
2. I've been stuck at this weight for ages, and it's getting boring!
3. Although I like how I look now, I know I'll like me even more when I lose some more weight.
4. I need the happy endorpines I get from exercise.
5. I've got really lax about eating and the weight seems to want to creep back on, so i need to get back into the right mindset.

List 5 accomplishments needed to reach my Goal(s):

1. Schedule exercise into my day - write it in my diary, so that it has to happen!
2. Stay away from chocolate, at all times of the month.
3. Stay on the beach, even at weekends - that's my time of weakness at the moment.
4. Journal some (if not all) of what i'm eating on my blog to stay accountable
5. Keep checking in with people, especially when things have gone wrong, rather than wallowing and letting them get worse (eg comfort eating)

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