Friday, 3 October 2008

Food Friday! - The South Beach Phase One edition

Since I'm sitting eating veggie curry for breakfast and typing this post (yes, wrong in so many ways, but I only have 12 minutes before I have to head out of the door) I obviously need to link to my (in)famous veggie curry recipe.

However, unlike me, Nikki probably doesn't want to survive a couple of weeks on phase one just eating curry, so... what have you got?!

(I'll try to post another recipe later, cos I feel like this is a bit of a cop out).

Also, new competition/challenge launching soon (Once I've got my head around it!). There will be exercise stuff and other food/life/God related challenges. (Just to make it really confusing!)
Since I'm rules out of exercising at the moment, I'll be judge ;). I'm not sure about the entrance fee/winnings side of it at the moment.
Leave me your ideas in the comments. Pretty please.

Hmm, 6 minutes left. Better get back to eating curry...

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Cristina said...

i'm all for entrance fee. :) we could do amazon gift certificate like we have in the past. let me know if i can help out debs.
i'm glad there's a competition/challenge launching soon. i was just thinking this morning "i need to get my butt in gear before the holidays are upon me!".