Sunday, 5 October 2008

I fell off the phase one wagon today

in fact, I'm so far off it, I can't even see it.
It was cake. Birthday cake. I ate lots of cake this afternoon. I have a sugar headache, I don't feel good. I'm back to phase one from this moment on.
(and I have a feeling I won't like my weigh in tomorrow, but I'll do it anyway. Promise!)


Cristina said...

You made me laugh with "I can't even see it". I guess since you confessed...I will too...I've had ice cream 4 days in a row! Not just a serving of ice cream...a pint of Ben and Jerry's and tonight it was Marble Slab. :( I was doing good today...all day...until tonight. So I too will be dreading weigh in tomorrow BUT I'll do it because I WILL be back on track starting NOW and I WILL loose 10lbs by Thanksgiving!!!

Debs said...

We can do it Cristina! :)

Nikki said...

I fell off the whole weekend! See, now don't you feel better?! I was so bad!

Brandi said...

Nikki--one thing I love about you is you are so honest about your don't make any excuses. Hope the cake was good! ;-)