Monday, 13 October 2008


Good morning, Good Monday

How's things with you today?

Why not weigh in..

Happy birthday to Bekki today, and please continue to keep Kimmi and her daughter and the whole family in your prayers.


Pig wot flies said...

185.6/185.8/180 (stg)

I'm down 1.2 from last week. That surprises me, given a not very well-behaved weekend. Didn't quite achieve my goal of losing something by my birthday, but at least I'm only a little bit up from where I was 4 weeks ago.

Debbie said...

Happy birthday, Bekki! Hope you have a fabulous day!

I'm weighing in at 224 today, which is 1 down from my weigh-in last week. Not bad, but I think it could've been better. I just had a wonderful and horrible weekend (if that makes any sense). So a couple times I definitely chose to go to food instead of God. BUT more times I chose to go to God instead of food, so that's a step in the right direction!

I have a bit of a head cold. Nothing too serious, but I still don't want it sticking around. I'm off today, so I'm glad to have time to rest. I was supposed to go into a school to volunteer and get to know the British school system, but I thought it best not to go since I was feeling so ill.

That's what's going on with me. Hope all's well with you!

ChristyF said...

I am unable to weigh in today. I'm traveling for work. Hope you all have a great weigh in.

Happy Birthday Bekki!

Julie said...

169. That's down 1. Seems to be slowing now. Maybe time for a change of diet.

Nikki said...

Um....I can't get myself to get on the scale. All I know is that it will be WAY up. As in 5 pounds or more if I had to guess. Yeah, a new week starts today. My goal for today is just to not have any sugar! That is not going to be easy with a full candy basket from our harvest party this weekend that we went to. Its just not good!!!

Cristina said...

Bekki, Happy Birthday!
Nikki, this is a new week, start it off right, you can do it, you know you can. Hide the basket of candy!!! Out of sight, out of mind. I too have a bag full of candy that I put in the dining room...the dining room is out of the way, therefore my bag is in there...out of sight, out of mind. :)
Debbie, tis the season for colds. Drink lots of water and get some rest on your day off!
Kimmi, praying for you and your family. travels to you.
Julie, yep, you might need to change things around a little, maybe your body has gotten used to what you've been doing. :) I hate it when that happens.
Hi Debs!

Tami said...

260/192/140 +0.4
Up is up. Especially with how much I exercised. Working on a better week controlling my carb cravings.
Happy Birthday Bekki!
Kimmi, you are still in my prayers

Cristina said...

252.5/188.6/180 (stg)


Pig wot flies said...

Thank you ladies!
I've had a lovely birthday. :o)

Elly said...

Sticking around the same place - which is good as I am at goal. Well done all for weighing in. Kimmi we are still praying.
Nikki, Cristina is right, day at a time girl. you can do this. Do what you have to do to stop being tempted by the candy. You know if you can stick at phase 1 for more than a few days the cravings do go and you really can't tolerate the sweet stuff. At least that's my experience.

Bird said...

183.5 -- Down 1.5 from last week's horrible weigh in. :-)

Stephine said...

Camping all wknd with scouts and being sick have not been nice to me. I weighed at 5 this morning when my DH called from across the world... 164.4. Eh, I'll take it.
Happy b-day Bekki!

Missy said...

Hope you had a fab day, Bekki! I'm at 191, no change. I've been running a B&B with all the family staying here the last 2 weeks - and cooking like crazy. I've eaten much more than usual, but my activity level has zoomed so I break even. :)

Kimmi, I just read your post. My heart breaks. I will certainly keep your family in my prayers. You know food won't make any of it better - good for you!


Jessica said...

198 (down 2). Things are okay today, except for what seems like a minor knee thing, possibly resulting from overly vigorous prayer and prostration last Thursday. I don't want to exacerbate it, so I skipped my work out today. I hope that doesn't throw off the rest of my week.

Kimmi, I'm praying for you and your family.

Debs said...