Monday, 6 October 2008

What's your number?

It's another Monday, another weigh in. We can't change what happened last week, but we can make a difference to next week.
Put your number down, and look forward with excitement to another week.

Please also tell me if you're interested in joining a challenge/competition. And whether you'd be willing to pay a small fee to go towards a prize..
Also also, can I do a quick poll and ask you what diet/way of life.. you're using to lose weight.

*Edited to add: I'm getting the impression that a free to enter challenge is the way to go. I will hopefully get around to typing up a post this afternoon (If the kiddos nap at the same time...!)*


Debs said...

Well, my weigh in today is 211.4, which is actually up .2 from Thursday. But I think that a lot of that is water - overindulgance yesterday and time of the month, and since I'm continuing (going back to) phase one, hopefully it'll drop off soon

Pig wot flies said...


Up 3.4. Oh dear. A not very well-behaved week. Doesn't look like I'm going to achieve my goal of losing something by my birthday (next Monday). Onwards and downwards.

I'd be interested in a competition, but I'm a bit strapped for cash, so maybe not with an entry price.

I'm sort of doing South Beach. Not very rigourously though.

Kimmi Booth said...


Down 1.8. It stinks. I actually lost more during the week, but put it back on over Friday/Saturday.

I'd be interested in a competition, but since I'm currently unemployed an entry price won't work for me.

I follow a low-carb plan.

Debbie said...

I did a sleep over at the Nightshelter last night so wasn't able to weigh first thing. I'll give my offical weigh-in tom, but even just weighing in the middle of the day I'm only at 225, which is nearly 2 down from last week. Over the weekend I was at 222. So I'm curious as to what it says in the morning. I know some of it was water going away, but I'd like to think it was more than that . . .

I'm interested in a competition, but am also doing VOLUNTARY work, so don't really have any extra $/£ to spare.

I'm losely following South Beach, but mainly trying to limit sweets and only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. So far so good.

Julie said...

170. Down 2.
I'm still on the 'cereal' diet:-
Bowl of (any) breakfast cereal with semi-skimmed milk for lunch, 'normal' evening meal.
I might be up for a free challenge...depends what it is!

Julie said...

170. Down 2.
I'm still on the 'cereal' diet:-
Bowl of (any) breakfast cereal with semi-skimmed milk for lunch, 'normal' evening meal.
I might be up for a free challenge...depends what it is!

Julie said...

OOps...don't know why that happened. Someone who knows what they're doing please delete one. (Plus this too!) Ta.

Brandi said...

Hi Everyone!
I'm at 123; still within range.
I am not trying to lose weight, but my "plan" is to focus on eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I am full. I don't have any "forbidden foods," but I do eat pretty healthy. The main crux of the plan is seeking to submit all of my eating to the Lord.

Since I am not looking to lose weight, I'm not really up for a challenge if that is the goal. :-)

Stephine said...

164.6, same as Thursday.

I'm all for a challenge!

Nikki said...

I am up for a challenge too! Um I was really bad this weekend. I am doing South Beach. I lost 3 pounds this week, but no change since Thursday. I was really surprised I didn't gain back everything I lost last week, so I am happy with that! I think I may just have to switch to phase 2 cause its hard for me to be good about phase 1 and then I really blow it. Maybe if I try just phase 2 then I will not feel the need to stray so much? Who knows. I just need to do something.

Cristina said...

+2lb. I'm at 192. I've been making some really bad choices and I need to stop. My goal is to get down to 180 by the end of November (Thanksgiving), so today is a new day and I plan on staying on track.

I'm not really following any particular plan, just trying to make healthy choices.

I'm up for a challenge and don't mind the entrance fee.

Anonymous said...

260/191.6/140 -.4
Need to be a bit more careful this week.
I don't prefer an entry fee.
As for a diet plan...I'm not following a diet plan. I'm with Brandi on a lot of things.

ChristyF said...

No change this week from last Monday 141...
Up 1 from Thursday.
I'm a south beacher and I NEED a challenge to get my butt in gear. I am eating the right things, but still eating out too much. I'm also working out a lot so it's a little frustrating to be stuck!

Elly said...

165.4 almost identical to this time last week and still in range. I used south beach to get here and i suppose it is still my plan for maintenance. It helps me to be good about snacking. So I am trying to listen to my body and not my cravings. Also I am not afraid to eat when I am hungry and I try not to miss meals cos that messes me up. Incidentally I usually find I am genuinely hungry when it is time for a meal.
I may not be trying to lose any more weight but would be glad to join in with an exercise challenge. I would pay a little towards it if that helps to give an incentive and I am happy to subsidize those that feel they can't contribute as long as we're not talking huge sums.

Elly said...

By the way I really value your honesty you folks but come on girls you can do it you know. Don't you want to get to goal. christyf yes watch the portion sizes but if you are really following the plan it should come off eventually so don't be discouraged. Exercise is key, but it sounds like you are doing your best at that.
Bird where are you?

Bird said...

Up 4. :-/

ChristyF said...

you are so right Elly- I do believe it's portion sizes that's getting me. I need to watch that better. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Jessica said...

200 on the nose. I was a little disappointed, since I was at 199 Saturday afternoon, but oh well. I'm hoping to never have to move that big weight back to the 200 on my gym's old-fashioned scale.

I'm following South Beach. I also eat a (mostly) vegetarian/dairy kosher diet, and try to avoid processed foods. If a challenge was open to non-members, I'd totally be into it.

Missy said...

191, down 0.5 lb.

I'm eating healthy and getting off my toosh. I know it's not fancy, but that's my plan!

I'm in for a challenge, just let me know.