Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Yay for exercise

I just did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and it was the best minutes I've spent in a long time. (I was given the go ahead by my physio friend)
Actually, I think that it's helped me to get back to walking normally - I've been limping, but trying to get back to walking properly, but it's quite hard. On the treadmill you don't have time to think about how you're walking, you just do it. When I got off my walking was better than when I got on. Definitely a reason to keep it up. My mood was better too :)

Have you moved your body today?


Tami said...

Yah Debs!!!!!!!!
I have moved. 5:30 I was up and at them and on the treadmill. I plan on getting on again after lunch. Getting on the treadmill has really helped my soreness. I started The Firm series this week and it is TONS of squats, dips, lunges, side lunges and pliat's (however you spell the ballarina thingies) and let me tell you, my quads, but and now a muscle in my back is S.O.R.E

ChristyF said...

I tried. I was almost finished with my workout and had to go get the kids from school earlier than planned. Maybe tonight, I'll try again after church.

Elly said...

I went swimming. It was good.

Cristina said...

Yeah Debs, I'm glad you werea able to get some walking in on the treadmill. I've always heard that exercise is good for our moods. :)

I did my exercise bright and early this morning at 5:30, went to a Tone & Sculpt class (weights). :)